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Annual Report

Corporate Governance Report

Quarterly Corporate Governance Report

Quarterly Financial Results

Quarterly Share Holding Pattern

Registrar & Share Transfer Agent

Compliance Officer

Investor Grievances

List of Top50 Shareholders
Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit
Half Yearly Certificate under Clause 47(c) of Listing Agreement
Compliance of the Listing Agreement
Listing Agreement-Book Closure
Auditors Report & Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet 2015-16
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct for Senior Management Personal
Code of Conduct for Insider Trading Regulations 2015
RPSL Policies
Scrutinizer(s) Report
31st Annual General Meeting
32nd Annual General Meeting
32nd AGM Attendance Slip / Entry Pass
32nd AGM Voting Results
33rd Annual General Meeting
33rd Annual Report
34rd Annual General Meeting
34th Annual Report
34th AGM Voting Results
Terms & Conditions of Appointment of independent Directors
Investor Complaints
Intimation of Book Closure & Cut-off date 2016
Voting results of 34th Annual General Meeting
Scrutinizer report of 34th Annual General Meeting
Intimation of Book Closure of AGM-2016
Compliance Certificate under regulation 7(3)
Compliance Certificate under regulation 40(9)

Annual Report
FY 2020-21
FY 2019-20
FY 2018-19
FY 2018-19
FY 2017-18
FY 2016-17
FY 2015-16
FY 2014-15
FY 2013-14
FY 2012-13
FY 2011-12
FY 2010-11

Annual Report

Annual Report

Annual Report


Annual Report


Annual Report


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